Heli G3 Series – 4 Wheel Electric 4-5T

G3 Series

Heli G3 Series – 4 Wheel Electric 4-5T

Models of the 1.5-2T 48v Lead Acid Counterbalance G2 Series

4.0 tonne / 4.5 tonne / 5.0 tonne
Available in Lithium-Ion and Lead Acid
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This 4-wheel electric offers powerful performance making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. This truck can lift loads of up to 5000 kg at a 500 mm load centre. The 5000 kg model has a larger battery capacity so that it can be operated for longer off one charge, making it ideal for long working hours.

Features and Benefits of the 4-5T Lead Acid Counterbalance G3 Series


  • Smart ZAPI controller allows the user to see the trucks overall status to make sure it is always fully functioning as it should be
  • Equipped with oil-cooled wet disc type brake is maintenance free


  • The advanced rear end design reduced the truck’s centre of gravity, improving the lateral stability
  • Side battery extraction is available which allows the user to take the battery out for maintenance
  • Automatic deceleration when cornering

Ultimate Comfort

  • Improved leg space
  • Suspension seat
  • Electric parking brake
  • Better visibility when looking behind – handle on the rear with horn

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