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Pallet Trucks By Heli

Pallet trucks are an essential part of any warehouse, regardless of how big or small the premises might be. Although they appear to be small, they’re incredibly robust and will make short work of transporting even the heaviest of loads from one destination to another with very little effort needed by your warehouse employee, even if the pallet truck is manually-operated.

Hand Pallet Truck 2500KG

Lithium-Ion Pallet Truck 1500KG–2000KG

Powered Pallet Truck 2000KG

Powered Pallet Truck 1800/2000KG

Platform Powered Pallet Truck 2000/3000KG

Ride On Powered Pallet Truck 2000KG

Manual pallet trucks that you can rely on

Manual pallet trucks are valuable pieces of material handling equipment. Regardless of the fact they need physical operation, your workers will be able to use it with complete ease, without the risk of hurting themselves or others.

Our range of manual pallet trucks is extremely extensive, allowing you to make the right choice for you and your business. We have a dedicated team of experts on hand who will always be happy to talk through your options, enabling you to decide whether a manual pallet truck or a powered pallet truck is right for you.

Robust powered pallet trucks for sale

If you wish to execute movement of goods a s swiftly and as efficiently as possible, then choosing a powered pallet truck over a manual one would be an ideal choice. This is because powered pallet trucks have the capabilities needed to seamlessly assist with the transportation of heavy loads, all with the complete peace of mind that your workers will be safe from harm at all times, regardless of whether they’re operating a manual pallet truck or a powered pallet truck. No matter the industry you work in, these pieces of material handling equipment will be able to help you complete even the most complex of warehouse applications.

What are the benefits of pallet trucks, both manual & powered?

Pallet trucks are highly-adaptable pieces of equipment that can transport a variety of goods, from boxes of nuts and bolts to food and drink. Whether powered or manual, pallet trucks can benefit a business in several ways, including:

They’re cost-effective – coming in cheaper than forklifts, reach trucks and other pieces of material handling equipment, pallet trucks are a cost-effective option for anyone looking to quickly and simply manoeuvre goods from one place to another. Also, manual pallet trucks won’t require any fuel or electricity of any kind, so you won’t have to worry about additional costs.

They allow for quick and efficient execution of tasks – pallet trucks allow for the efficient and productive movement of goods and stock. Regardless of their weight, shape or size, a pallet truck will allow a warehouse worker to effortlessly transport inventory, even if it’s a manual model.

It reduces the risk of injury – you won’t have to worry about your warehouse employees getting hurt if they decide to physically move stock by themselves. The risk of injury is even greater if they haven’t received the right health and safety training. Let this be a thing of the past with the implementation of either a manual pallet truck or a powered pallet truck.

Heli is able to provide both powered and manual pallet trucks to allow for the quick and easy transportation of goods, no matter the items you work with or the industry you’re in. As well as being safe in the knowledge that your workers will be protected from harm, you can also rest assured that a pallet truck will make your operations far more efficient and productive, allowing for quicker delivery times and picking processes. For more information, get in touch with a member of our specialist team today – we’re always on hand to help.