Heli G3 Series – 4 Wheel Electric 6-7T

G3 Series

Heli G3 Series – 4 Wheel Electric 6-7T

Models of the 6-7T Lithium-ion counterbalance G3 series

6.0 tonne / 7 tonne
Available in Lithium-Ion and Lead Acid
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Our newest forklift to the range is our most intelligent and powerful truck yet. This truck is suitable for long and intensive applications both indoors and outdoors for heavy loads. It is capable of lifting loads up to 7000 kg to a load centre of 600 mm load centre.

Features and Benefits of the 6-7T Lithium-ion counterbalance G3 series

Industry Leading Performance

  • Dual drive motors and gradeability performance of 19% allows the truck to easily drive up steep inclines
  • Maximum gradeability loaded is 20%
  • Fast driving speeds up to 16Km/h
  • Quick lifting and lowering speeds
  • Excellent residual capacity e.g., 4.8 m triple mast on a 7tonnes forklift can lift 6.2tonnes
  • 2-hour charge time gives 6 – 8 hours usage

Intelligent Safety Features

  • Automatic parking brake
  • Speed limiter allows you to limit
  • Full operator protection system – when the operator leaves the seat it will automatically switch off
  • Automatic deceleration provides more stability when cornering
  • IPX4 waterproof tested
  • Can work in extreme temperatures up to -20 C for up to 6 hours
  • The G3 series optimises the rear view so that it is easy
  • Mast lowering buffer system reduces the impact of the mast during lowering to protect the load from falling when coming down

Energy Efficient

  • Double gun charging provides fast charging so that the forklift can be used for long and intensive applications (lithium-ion only)
  • No emissions

Ultimate Comfort

  • The truck has been built around optimising driver comfort. Shock absorptions are significantly reduced to limit driver fatigue
  • Quite drive and lifting motors makes operating the forklift more comfortable
  • Suspension seat dampens the vibration caused by driving on uneven surfaces

Easy to Maintain

  • The battery is placed under the seat which can easily be accessed when the hood is opened
  • Battery can be extracted from the side of the forklift easily if any maintenance is needed
  • ZAPI Controller
  • Interactive LCD display monitor

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