Heli H4 Series – 4 Wheel Electric 1.5-3.8T

H4 Series

Heli H4 Series – 4 Wheel Electric 1.5-3.8T

Models of the 1.5-3.8T Electric Counterbalance H4 Series

1.5 tonne / 1.8 tonne / 2.0 tonne / 2.5tonne / 3.0 tonne / 3.5 tonne / 3.8 tonne
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The 4-wheel electric offers maximum stability making it ideal for carrying medium to heavy loads with a maximum capacity of 3800 kg at a 500 mm load centre. It is Ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor operations. Setting the new benchmark for quality, reliability, and affordability, the new H4 series electric forklifts run for longer by being more energy efficient. Available in Lead Acid and Lithium-Ion battery types.
Lower Energy Consumption, Longer Run Time, Less Expense

Features and Benefits of the 1.5-3.8T Electric Counterbalance H4 Series

Stable and Reliable

  • The range is built from the same proven, interchangeable, components used in our best performing forklifts. This includes the steering and drive axles and the mast.
  • In production the range is tested in extreme environments to test durability. Rain test, cold storage environment test, vehicle vibration test and endurance test in uneven terrain.
  • Excellent lateral stability due to its compact shape at the rear

Intelligent Security Features

  • Full operator protection system – When the driver leaves the truck, it will switch off. All components will be locked e.g mast tilt, lifting and lowering and driving until the driver is back in the seat.
  • Automatic deceleration when cornering
  • Full protection against electrical components

Energy Efficient

  • The latest in battery technology uses less energy consumption when charging and works for longer hours
  • Three speed options can be selected dependent on the power needed for your operation
  • Equipped with LED lights

Ergonomic Design

  • Mast buffering when lowering to soften the impact
  • Standard wide view mast design to maximise visibility
  • Shock-absorbing seat for comfort
  • Full cabin package – Water cup holder, mobile phone storage space, USB interface (optional for lithium lite model)

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