Heli H3 Series – Diesel & LPG Forklift 1.5-5T

H3 Series

Heli H3 Series – Diesel & LPG Forklift 1.5-5T

Models of the 1.5 – 5T Diesel & LPG Counterbalance H3 Series

1.5 tonne / 1.8 tonne / 2.0 tonne / 2.5 tonne / 3.0 tonne / 3.5 tonne / 4.0 tonne / 4.5 tonne / 5 tonne
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Our H3 series forklift is our clean and environmentally friendly alternative to an electric forklift, meeting international emission standards. Its new and improved features make it safer and more reliable, which ensures a better working environment for everyone. This makes it ideal for use in a variety of applications both indoors and outside and can lift a maximum of 5000 kg at a 500 mm load centre.

Features and Benefits of the 1.5 – 5T Diesel & LPG Counterbalance H3 Series

Environmentally Friendly

Want to do your part in saving the planet, but you’re not ready to commit to an electric forklift yet? Our H3 series is the perfect solution.

  • Adopts a euro stage v engine which is a cleaner and greener alternative for internal combustion engines, which reduces harmful emissions put out into the air.

Safe and Reliable

This stage v model has multiple new features increasing operator safety and the reliability of our forklifts

  • Full operator protection system – when the operator leaves the seat it will automatically switch off
  • Casting axle is designed to be protected against water and dust to extend their maintenance period

Ergonomic Design

This fantastic truck has been ergonomically designed to improve driving conditions

  • Improved suspension support to reduce truck vibrations
  • Widened mast to increase visibility in front of the truck
  • Driver cabin space enlarged for superb comfort
  • Widened anti-skid step for easier mounting and dismounting

Easy Maintenance

  • Large engine hood opening angle allows for easy access to the engine and other essential parts
  • Equipped with a DPF automatic regeneration system which automatically cleans out the engine (Diesel Only)
  • Low after sales maintenance costs

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