Heli’s electric forklifts excel in their performance, safety, ergonomics, and efficiency.

Heli Electric forklifts offer many advantages over their gas-powered and diesel counterparts. They are more energy efficient, require less maintenance, operate more quietly, produce zero emissions, and have fewer mechanical parts that can break down. Furthermore, electric forklifts are typically lighter than other types of lift trucks and can be used indoors in areas with limited space or ventilation.

With their improved manoeuvrability and greater control over load placement due to the precision of their movements, electric forklifts provide a safer work environment for operators while also reducing product damage. In terms of cost savings alone, an investment in an electric forklift will pay for itself quickly through lower operational costs and increased productivity.


Heli’s electric trucks have multiple measures to reduce energy usage:

  • Steering system – The amount of oil supplied is adjusted in response to the speed at which the driver turns the steering wheel.
  • Truck performance modes – Users can select from three different truck performance modes to meet their specific needs. The P mode provides maximum power for heavy lifting or steep gradients. The E mode is a standard mode with lower energy consumption. The S mode is the most energy-efficient option and best suited for situations where high speed is not required.
  • Built-in chargers – Heli has added a new 8-tonne lithium-lite truck to their range. This truck comes with a built-in charger that can be connected to any socket, allowing you to charge it at any time and at any place. This convenient feature saves time as you won’t have to drive it to a charging point, which increases productivity.
  • Automatic deceleration when cornering – The Heli electric trucks recharge their batteries while cornering to save energy.


The driving, lifting, and lowering speeds, acceleration, gradability, and residual capacity of this truck are comparable to diesel trucks. The intelligent mast system ensures stability and prevents the dropping or damaging of loads with smooth and buffered movements. The truck also has automatic deceleration during cornering to maintain stability.


The truck has a safety system that uses automatic deceleration and an intelligent mast to maintain a safe speed while in operation. The owner has the ability to program speed limits, which can be automatically reduced when the truck is carrying a load. The vehicle has an overhead guard made from sheet metal which provides strong protection for the driver. It is more rigid compared to other guards made through welding. The driver’s seat is comfortable and located in a spacious area enclosed by the guard. Additionally, there is a safety feature that stops all movement of the vehicle and forks if the driver is not seated.


The truck is designed to provide a comfortable and quiet driving experience with minimal shock and vibration. Additionally, it has a compact shape, small turning radius, clear view from all sides, and easy-to-use steering to allow for precise manoeuvring.


Heli’s electric forklifts provide numerous advantages compared to other types of lift trucks. They are energy efficient, require less maintenance, operate more quietly, and have fewer mechanical parts that can break down. Furthermore, they are lighter and can be used in a variety of different areas. With their improved manoeuvrability and greater control over load placement, electric forklifts provide a safer work environment while also reducing product damage. Additionally, they have features such as built-in chargers, automatic deceleration during cornering, and an intelligent mast system that provide users with optimal performance and ergonomics. All these features make Heli’s electric forklifts the ideal choice for any warehouse or industrial facility.

If you are interested in learning more about Heli’s electric forklifts, please contact us directly. Our experienced team is available to answer any questions you may have and provide expert advice on which forklift model best fits your needs.

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