Reach Stacker – Pedestrian 1200/1500KG

Reach Stacker – Pedestrian 1200/1500KG

Models of the 1200KG/1500KG Pedestrian Reach Stacker

Available in Lithium-Ion and Lead Acid

Optional Duplex or Triplex mast

Duplex ranges from 1.4m – 4m

Triplex ranges from 2.5m – 5m

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The 1200/1500 kg pedestrian reach stacker is ideal for all types of material handling applications. Its versatile use makes it the cost-effective solution against the forklift truck. It can be used to lift a variety of pallet types, in both indoor and outdoor applications and in small spaces. It adopts a pantograph carriage which can move away from the mast, avoiding obstacles that are in the way making it excellent for unloading pallets off lorries.

This model has two maximum lifting capacities of 1200 kg and 1500 kg at a 500 mm load centre. It has range of maximum lift height options depending on your material handling needs from 2m – 4m.

Features and Benefits of the 1200/1500KG Pedestrian Reach Stacker

  • The mast can move away from the body of the truck
  • Tilting forks allow you to navigate your loads safely
  • Electro-hydraulic integrated control – gives you three mast functions, lift/lower, movement and tilt
  • Multi-functional handle – A variety of controls on the handle
  • Electric power steering takes the effort out of moving loads
  • AC driving motors are maintenance free
  • Electromagnetic braking charges the battery when braking
  • Automatic deceleration when cornering keeps the operator safe from going round a corner to quickly whilst carrying a load
  • Equipped with an emergency stop and reverse switch ensuring truck safety

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