Reach Truck 1.2-2T

Reach Truck 1.2-2T

Models of the 1.2-2T Reach Truck G2 series

1.2 tonne / 1.4 tonne / 1.6 tonne / 1.8 tonne / 2.0 tonne

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The reach truck is ideal for narrow aisle operations and for lifting to tremendous heights. It has a powerful lifting performance with its AC drive motors which will speed up operations. The truck can lift to a maximum capacity of 2000 kg and to a maximum lift height of 12.5 m, at a 600 mm load centre. This truck has a high residual load capacity even at its maximum lift height. This means it can lift 40% of its initial lift capacity at 12.5m.

Features and Benefits of the 1.2-2T Reach Truck G2 series


  • Overhead guard designed for maximum visibility upwards so that you can see the loads you are lifting at tall heights, whilst also protecting you from falling objects
  • Spacious cabin
  • Adjustable full suspension seat
  • Wide view mast
  • Fingertip controls elevate ease of operation

Intelligent Display

  • ZAPI Controller
  • Speed limiter
  • Pre settable lift height (optional)
  • Alternate between 180C and 360C steering modes

Smart Features

  • EPS electric power steering take the effort out of moving loads
  • Regenerative braking
  • Automatic centre button – Pressing this button before the truck starts up will automatically centre the wheels
  • Automatic speed limit
  • Automatic sequence protection
  • Three phase AC for lifting, steering – maintenance free, better performance
  • Mast lowering buffer system softens the landing of the mast

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