Stacker with Wrapover Forks 1400KG

Stacker with Wrapover Forks 1400KG

Models of the 1400KG Duplex Mast Wrapover Stacker

Available in Lithium-Ion and Lead Acid

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This duplex mast with full free lift is suitable for the lifting of open based pallets up to a lift capacity of 1400kg at a 600 mm load centre. The duplex mast allows the forks to extend to lift height of 3.5 m. These are ideal for the lifting, moving, and stacking of light to medium loads in an indoor warehouse environment. The full free lift duplex mast lifts the forks up first before the mast which is ideal for height restricted areas.

Features and Benefits of the Stacker with Wrapover Forks 1400KG

  • Electronic power steering takes the effort out of manoeuvring the truck
  • 3 lowering speed options provide for precise lowering
  • Regenerative braking system saves energy when the truck is braking
  • Automatic deceleration when cornering makes it safe to navigate when cornering
  • Emergency stop and reverse switch
  • Stacker automatically slows down the speed of the mast once it has reached a certain height to keep the load safe on the forks
  • AC drive motors is maintenance free

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